• Chain Pilot

    Chain Pilot

    Panel connector with Microswitch

    Total safety on your panel-mount SPX connectors through an innovative built-in pilot microswitch.

  • Chain Pilot Box

    Chain Pilot Box

    New generation enhanced safety box

    The connector’s microswitches control an auxiliary circuit connected to an external device (breaker, contactor, etc.), so that the system will only be activated once all the mechanically keyed cable connectors have been inserted in the corresponding panel-mount connectors on the Chain Pilot Box.

  • PowerSyntax   Line Connectors

    Line Connectors

    480 and 750 amp

    SPX, SPZ, SPV, SPY - Line Source and Line Drain

  • PowerSyntax   Panel Connectors

    Panel Connectors

    480 and 750 amp

    SPX - Panel Source and Panel Drain

  • SyntaxLock

    Patent pending

    Suitable for all PowerSyntax connectors. Can be fitted or removed at any time. A simple, universal accessory. Quick and easy to install

  • Oversized Connectors

    SPY ComLug XL

    Our new custom designs to connect common lug terminals for big cable sections.

    Oversized Connectors
  • Protection caps

    IP67 and IP53

    The PowerSyntax IP67 caps ensure complete waterproof protection and IP53 caps are a fast and simple way to protect your connectors. 

    Protection caps
  • Lug converters

    For copper and aluminium cables

    Up to 750 amp (CU)
    and up to 480 amp (AL)

    Lug converters
  • Bimetal

    Aluminium / copper bimetal contacts for aluminium cables

    Explore our range of bimetal contacts, designed to allow the use of aluminium cables with the PowerSyntax family of connectors.

  • IP2X drain protection

    PATENTED by Syntax

    This mechanical lock prevents improperly pushing the contact inwards with fingers.

    IP2X drain protection
  • Technical features

    Technical features

    SPX - SPZ - SPY - SPV

    The new PowerSyntax series of Powerlock compatible single pole electrical connectors. PowerSyntax are specifically suited to manage electrical current up to 480amp or 750amp

  • Do you need to customize your connector?

    For the PowerSyntax Series we already offer a wide range of customizations, but if you need a custom feature not yet in catalogue please contact us and let us know!