• About us

    About us

    We have designed and built connectors since 1989

    We have designed and built connectors since 1989

    PowerSyntax is a family of products of the wider Syntax brand, designed and manufatured in Italy by Valentini Srl. The PowerSyntax single pole connectors are specifically oriented to managing high power electrical connections. Our goal is to achieve the best standards of safety, reliability and ease of use for our clients. To reach this goal we are constantly improving our products, patenting new solutions and finding optimal ways to implement them.

  • Inventors, manufacturers, innovators.

    Inventors, manufacturers, innovators.

    This is who we are here at VALENTINI s.r.l., a dynamic company, constantly changing, that puts itself on the market as an unique and original example. Since 1989 we design and manufacture specific components for the transmission of electrical and power signals. Our activity relies on the artifact, we pay extreme attention to the details and we try to make innovative tools to satisfy the needs of clients operating in different fields of application. The company consists of a motivated team that works and confronts itself on a daily basis to achieve new goals and to find new customized solutions. Valentini is active in the fields of industry, shipbuilding, energy distribution, automotive, broadcasting and, since 2009, is involved in emergency management for the italian Civil Protection Department. Respect for the environment is an integral part of our productive process, along with the strong will to guarantee reliability and quality to our product lines.